This is a shout out to the Rockstar Energy CMRC Pro Nationals competitors across Canada. We at the Drumheller Off Road Vehicle Association (DORVA) recognize that following a race series from coast to coast has some serious financial requirements that the competitors have to deal with in order to compete. For the past couple of years, we have offered our services in order to help out in what way we can. Check it out.


For the week between the Wild Rose (Calgary), and Moto Valley (Regina) events, DORVA will allow CMRC Pro National riders use of our facility, free of charge. We will also allow guests overnight camping on site at no charge as well.

We do have a couple of conditions. They are as follows.


1- all riders must sign a membership form and accompanying liability waiver. No fees will be collected, and the membership will only be valid for the term stated above.


2- this offer is available to pro and amateur competitors on the Nationals circuit. If you lined up at an event, and are following the series, you are welcome.


3- tell your friends. We want to give something back, and we recognize that there is a large financial burden placed on the competitors. All we want is some exposure :)


4- abide by the track rules and any instructions from club officers when at the facility


A list of these rules, as well as a lot more info about the club is available for everyone on the website. Any questions can be sent to us via the contact tab on the site. We hope to see you soon!





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Track Hotline: 403.334.3678


Email: dorvateam@hotmail.com

Hours of Operation

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM weekends and long weekends, weather permitting. Open to the public, day passes available.


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